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This was fun, I reached the top! 

congrats! I'm glad you liked it  ;)

really addictive!!


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Thanks :)

Fun game but why did it said that in 20K?

The game is praising you for your success ^^


so cute and fun. it's like the perfect level of difficulty. the aesthetic is so on point, too! :)

Thank you! I'm happy that you liked it :)

I love this game is very addictive and I am a fan of indie games like this one, I would have liked it if I was on mobile to be able to play it anywhere.

postscript: with what programs have you created this game and what language do I have curiosity :3

Thank you for playing our game! I'm glad you liked it!  Bringing it to mobiles is a great idea, I will pass this on to my other team members and we might look into that :)

(We made this with Pico 8, the language was Lua)