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Music was great, game was fun to play and had great physics, controls weren't the best but they were pretty good, which makes them challenging and more fun to play. I beat the game, compared to other endless platformers, this one actually had meaning and was fun to play since there was the creator following your progress and telling you if you suck or not every 2000 heights, and it isn't endless which is great!



This was fun, I reached the top! 

congrats! I'm glad you liked it  ;)

really addictive!!


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Thanks :)

Fun game but why did it said that in 20K?

The game is praising you for your success ^^


so cute and fun. it's like the perfect level of difficulty. the aesthetic is so on point, too! :)

Thank you! I'm happy that you liked it :)

I love this game is very addictive and I am a fan of indie games like this one, I would have liked it if I was on mobile to be able to play it anywhere.

postscript: with what programs have you created this game and what language do I have curiosity :3

Thank you for playing our game! I'm glad you liked it!  Bringing it to mobiles is a great idea, I will pass this on to my other team members and we might look into that :)

(We made this with Pico 8, the language was Lua)